Interim Management

During a period of start up in Russia, international companies are not able to appoint a representative from their headquarters as general director of the Russian subsidiary, since work visa and work permit must be obtained for this end. The procedure of work visa and work permit obtaining may last from one  till three and over months.


In the meanwhile, business in Russia may not operate until the general director is appointed. For this period of time A.J.CONSULTING may provide such solution as interim management or general director outsourcing.


Additionally, an appointed representative from the headquarters may not be regularly present in Russia, thus, a substitute in Russia may be needed, who would timely sign all the documents upon approval by the headquarters, manage the subsidiary in coordination with the headquarters, represent the subsidiary at state authorities, if needed.

Whatever reasons there are, A.J.CONSULTING may undertake management of your business in Russia, both short-term and long-term.

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