New requirements of medical examination of HQS in Russia

The Chair and the Deputy Chairpersons of the Migration Committee met with the representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, the Government of Moscow.

The parties discussed the questions raised by AEB member companies in connection with Federal Laws 274-FZ and 357-FZ changing the procedure for medical examination, dactiloscopy and photographing were discussed.

The AEB representatives expressed the wishes of the business community to establish a separate procedure for medical checkups, making it clearer, more accurate and acceptable in time. The Moscow government confirmed its readiness to work with the AEB to improve the procedures for HQS in Sakharovo, including the possibility of expanding the list of medical organizations where one can undergo a medical examination.

On the part of the agencies it was explained that medical examinations are now required for all categories of foreign nationals when entering the country. If a foreign citizen is already on the territory of Russia at the time of entry into force of these laws, a medical examination shall be required at the next entry into the country within 30 days from the date of entry. Also there is no provision for taking medical tests when renewing the authorization documents.

The issue of the validity of medical tests was also discussed during the meeting, but confirmation of the timing must be obtained from representatives of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

Family members coming for short-term trips to Russia (less than 90 days) are not required to take medical tests.

Currently - for those entering the territory of Russia for the purpose of labor activity, all procedures are to be passed in Sakharov, for those arriving for other purposes - it is possible to pass the procedures in Moscow in polyclinics according to the established list (departments of the Ministry of Interior which will carry out fingerprinting will be announced later) The order and frequency of procedures is established by Order of the Ministry of Health dated November 19, 2021 ¹ 1079n, which enters into force on March 1, 2022 and is 3 months.

Dactyloscopy must be conducted once after arrival in Russia. Foreign citizens who have already undergone this procedure in Russia do not have to undergo fingerprinting again.

Currently, a foreign citizen must submit medical documents in person, other ways are not stipulated by law.

The medical examination report must be submitted within 30 days from the date of entry into the Russian Federation.

The question of which region must undergo a medical examination, if a work permit specifies several regions for work activities, is currently not regulated by the law. In this regard, the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that it is possible to submit the conclusion to any territorial body of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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