Virtual business address or legal address in Russia

Legal address of a company is its location address entered in the Russian Trade Register and contained in its incorporation documents.

At the stage of filing documents for the company state registration, the company must already have a legal address. Without this information, the Russian registering body would refuse to register the company. And this is one of the difficulties of company formation in Russia, since not all premises owners are ready to give premises in rent to an unregistered company.

Legal address, or virtual business address may be needed in the following cases:

1. The company is just starting its activities in Russia, and is on the way of carrying out preparatory works and receiving the necessary permissions. It has not yet decided on the location of the office or production site, or renting an office or production site at this stage is unreasonable.

2. The company plans to fully carry out activities and communications with clients using the resources of only the head office, but in order to have an opportunity to participate in tenders, to declare import goods or for any other reasons, the legal presence of the company in Russia is required and, accordingly, a legal address is needed.

3. The company plans to employ the Russian staff for remote work, and office rent is simply not needed.

Which requirements apply to legal addresses in Russia?

A legal address must be chosen very carefully, since non-fulfillment of the requirements established by the Russian law will lead to a refusal to register the company in Russia, and, consequently, the loss of spent money and time. Moreover, even in case of a successful company registration, some problems may arise in the future if some important things are not checked at the initial stage.

What should be done when acquiring a legal address in Russia:

• Check that the address is not "mass" and is not included in the "black list" of the registering body;

• Obtain a guarantee from the owner that the rent agreement will be concluded straight after the company registration;

• Check the landlord's title documents for the rented premises;

• See over the office to ensure that it actually exists and that it can be used for doing business. Often, the registering body carries out such a check, and if there are any doubts about using the address for doing business, it would refuse to register the company;

• Check whether a postal and secretarial service is provided at the address, because often postal service is not provided, and the company’s documents are lost;

• Check that the owner of the premises would agree to provide the premises in the event of tax and other audits of the company.

Which documents for the legal address are submitted to the registering body?

To confirm the legal address, the company must submit the following documents to the registering body:

  • the landlord’s letter of guarantee;

  • rent agreement;

  • certificate of ownership (a copy certified by the signature and seal of the owner, or notarized)

How A.J.CONSULTING team may help?

For a long period of our work, we have developed our own reliable network of partners providing legal addresses throughout Russia. We carefully check our partners (owners of the premises), the addresses they provide and the title documents for the rented premises. We provide guarantees for all our addresses.

Our company may help to acquire a legal address for either a new company in Russia, or an already existing company which wants to change its address for some reason.

Concluding a legal address contract with us, you will get:

  • postal service;

  • provision of real office space in case of tax audits and other audits.

Our company also provides the following corporate services, being a one-stop-partner for the clients from all over the world:

· business setup, company formation, company registration in Russia

· tax & accounting support

· legal support

· IT & ERP systems


Please, contact us for more information and a commercial offer at:

+7 495 136-87-30 Moscow office

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